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So I just watched this week’s episode of Game of Thrones 

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One Sentence Reviews - Captain America: The Winter Soldier


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One sentence reviews.

My reaction to the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer released today. 

Good news….. Well, I guess better news for Captain America fans. 

There was earlier news that Chris Evans said that he was going to quit acting after Avengers 2, now it looks as if he’s going to throw in the towel after his contract with Marvel is up. So yeah, looks like we’ll be seeing a bit more of cappy in the future after all. 

One Sentence Reviews: Need for Speed

Someone PLEASE get these people some licensed music…. 

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One sentence reviews. 

One Sentence Reviews: The LEGO Movie

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One sentence reviews.

One Sentence Reviews: 300 - Rise of an Empire

No matter how hard you try, navy battles are NOT the same as army battles. 

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One sentence reviews. 

Games I’d like to see made - A game based on The SCP Foundation’s Mobile Task Force Omega 7 - Addendum A-1

Okay, so prior to posting my idea for the Mobile Task Force Omega 7 game, I had yet to read any of the stories in the “Tales” section of the SCP Foundation website. 

The reason for this was…. well…. honestly, because there was a hell of a lot of them and the articles on the SCP’s themselves just looked far more interesting to me. 

So I kind of just ignored the Tales section. 

However, this story caught my eye and after reading it, I thought back to the second to last mission I wrote for the supposed Omega 7 game (the one where Able finally had enough of being on Mobile Task Force Omega 7 and breached containment), and felt kind of stupid for writing that since I had no idea that this story had already been written. 

I was merely approaching the mission idea purely from a climactic gameplay perspective. Something along the lines of “What boss would make a kick ass final boss for 076-2 to face aside from 682.”

So yeah……. 

But yes, having read this story now…….. I think the way it happens in this is actually kind of better. 

It builds up to what he eventually does, we get a bit of character development for him, and the destruction he causes is beyond anything I ever thought of. Also, the way in which he dies and thus is finally contained again is so beautifully ironic all things considering. 

But yes, I think that this story makes a much better final mission for Mobile Task Force Omega 7. 

As far as a final boss though…. well, obviously we can’t use 083-D anymore, but there is another option. 

What about the other humans on Mobile Task Force Omega 7. They were trained by Able himself and were pretty much the best of the best that the foundation had. If anyone had any kind of potential to take Able out it would be them. 

Plus, since this is supposed to be “classified” and all, we never really do learn their fates. 

So yeah, instead of 083-D being the final boss for Able to face, why not just have him fight the rest of Mobile Task Force Omega 7. It would be just as awesome. Of course Iris would be excluded from this though since she’s not a fighter and she is confirmed to still be alive by foundation records. 

Hell, if we want an actual one on one final boss, they could use Omega 8 (I think that was him), who was Able’s second in command, who if I recall from other records I found, also fought using a sword. So that could be interesting. 

So yeah…. there is my addendum to that….. 

Also another thing I didn’t realize was that both this story, the article on 076 (as well as 073), and the whole thing with Mobile Task Force Omega 7 was all written and coordinated by one guy, a guy at the foundation named Kain Pathos Crow. 

If that is the case, then he would be a regular character in the game too… so there is that. 

Dr. Bright, Dr. Kondraki, Dr. Clef, and many of the others could all make appearances too, but Dr. Crow more than the others cause well…. he is organizing all of this. 

Addendum A-2

Okay apparently Kain Pathos Crow has some kind of mech suit that closely resembles the Egg Walker from the sonic games (which he is still able to pilot despite being a dog……. no, really, he’s a dog…. look up his profile on the website) that he occasionally uses that’s made from various SCP parts. 

If this thing can be made into a boss, then by all means do it because it would be AWESOME!!!